Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

Why Donate?

The Bureau for International Reporting relies on donations from the public to cover its operating costs and support the production of the foreign news packages it distributes. Please consider donating today.

Your contribution will be tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your records.

Find links on the right for web payment options via PayPal or Network for Good. Alternatively feel free to contact us via email at

The BIR is pleased to announce a new monthly giving option, through Network for Good (link just to the right).

Please note that on some Mac computers Network for Good (a reputable and genuinely helpful organization) occasionally loads an alert page about browser "cookies". This is a bug, does not reflect any problem at all and is usually solved by simply trying the link again. 

The BIR greatly appreciates your generosity. To give you a sense of the cost of producing a typical international news story, the BIR offers you the following guidance:

  1. $50  The cost of a hotel room in Gulu, Uganda for one night

  2. $100  The cost of a Cambodian translator for one day

  3. $250  The cost of enough tape stock to shoot a typical 15-30 minute story

  4. $500  The cost of a car and driver in Indonesia for three days, with gasoline

  5. $1,000  The cost of transcribing all interviews for a 15-30 minute story

  6. $2,000  The cost of an economy plane ticket from the US to Africa

  7. $5,000  The cost of a Sony HDV camera, an inexpensive but high quality alternative.

  8. $20,000  Entire cost for many BIR productions.  Sponsor an international news segment today!